At Panel System we are convinced that Sustainability for a company is not only a principle to be followed but to all intents and purposes an investment to be made on a daily basis, we are convinced that sustainability generates a virtuous circle between economic growth and the contribution of value to the social context in which it operates and to our entire planet.

Welfare, protection and enhancement of people and their uniqueness

Panel System considers its people its most valuable resource and is committed to caring for their health, safety, well-being and ''know-how'' precious assets to be carefully guarded. Passion, excellence, integrity and respect, collaboration and empathy, courage and innovation: these are the core values in our company, the founding principles of developing craft skills embedded in an industrial process.

Traceability and sustainable supply chain

The uniqueness of Panel System's projects has always been based on values such as creativity, experience and innovation of materials and processes, values that are essential from the raw material procurement stage to the production process management stage. The same attention is also required of all partners in the production chain. For this reason Panel System is committed to building and maintaining ongoing relationships with suppliers, based on solid and long-lasting relationships of trust and marked by the values of loyalty, fairness and professionalism.

Environmental protection and circularity

Panel System is constantly searching for innovative materials by setting itself the goal of progressively reducing the use of substances that are potentially harmful to people and the environment by moving more and more toward a circular industry model. In this sense, we are constantly looking for ecodesign and circular production processes, also involving our supply chains. The organization is attentive to the responsible management of the waste produced, encouraging the recycling of the same and the reduction of the quantities to be sent to landfills.

Accountability to communities and territories

Panel System contributes to promoting the socioeconomic development of the context in which it operates, supporting initiatives to grow communities and generating development and value for the territory. The redistribution of the value generated and distributed to the communities and territories in which it operates represents an opportunity for Panel System to combine competitiveness with the creation of social value in the long term.