Panel System's animatronics at IAAPA Emea 2023

Vienna, Austria, September, 25th – 28th 2023

Booth A-2627


Panel System has been in the entertainment industry for years, devoting itself to the conception, design and implementation of thematic displays for parks, playgrounds, museum and exhibition spaces, large events and commercial areas.

At IAAPA Emea 2023, Panel System is now presenting the result of a long journey of studies and experimentation in collaboration with the University of Brescia, related to the field of animatronics. In Vienna, Panel System is exhibiting the first humanoid prototype in programmed movement, the first Italian-made animatronics.

This is just the beginning of a project through which the company will increasingly integrate technological innovation and scenographic proposal to face the world market with new determination.

Thanks to its well-established and decades-long knowledge of techniques and materials, its organizational skills, and its in-depth knowledge of the market, Panel System globally manages projects and realizations for theme parks and amusement areas, offering a turnkey service with the guarantee of reliability, efficiency, and high quality standards.

Panel System's journey over the years has been characterized by gradual and steady growth, a slow but steady conquest of the market that, driven by great passion and strong ambitions, has today led the company to be among the top players in the industry in Europe.

Sustainability, Material Innovation, Research and Development - these are the principles that guide the people in Panel System every day.

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